Perfect Partners in the Pursuit of Sustainability

Perfect Partners in the Pursuit of Sustainability

The Problem: Oversized boxes and air pillows aren’t sustainable

Flowers that last forever. A smart concept created by Eco Flower, an Ogden, Utah-based company that transforms recycled and sustainable materials into unique floral arrangements. After appearing on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” Eco Flower’s business took off. Growing 525 percent year-over-year, Eco Flower needed to send 1,200 shipments a day during peak season. The delicate nature and varied sizes of Eco Flower’s handmade products proved to be a packaging challenge, requiring an inventory of more than 10 different box sizes and large amounts of void fill. For a company focused on perpetuating sustainability through every product source and supplier, this was frustrating, not to mention costly.

The Solution: Eco-friendly packaging for Eco Flower

By focusing on right-sizing the product shipment and decreasing its reliance on void fill, the On Demand Packaging® solution created additional opportunities for Eco Flower to fine-tune their operation. Within one month of installing the Packsize iQ Fusion 2® custom box-making system, Eco Flower reduced its shipping labor force by half, reallocating several employees from the assembly and packaging department to other areas of the growing business. On Demand Packaging® enabled Eco Flower to followthrough on its concept of environmental sustainability from product design to packaging. Fewer boxes in their warehouse means fewer on the truck, which cuts down on emissions. Less corrugated and filler material means less trees cut. Eco Flower easily embraced Packsize’s Smart Packaging for a Healthy Planet® mission.

60% reduction in packaging labor

85% reduction in void fill

Improved environmental sustainability

“Any time we can use something in our design and creation process or cut down on waste and shipping costs, we are all for it. The Packsize machine has allowed us to do all of this.”

Jasen Dowdy, Eco Flower General Manager,