More choices, not more inventory

The Challenge: Protecting cabinets shouldn’t lead to a huge corrugated inventory

Legacy Cabinets is a forward-thinking manufacturer that sought to reduce empty space and to improve protection when shipping cabinetry. However, the initial attempt at right-sizing required a substantially large box inventory. This meant that as a cabinet came down the line, packaging personnel would have to go to the racks and find the right box to complete each shipment. Not to mention the significant time, cost, and coordination of managing 500 box SKUs.

The Solution: On Demand Packaging® allows for unlimited box sizes without an unlimited inventory

With Packsize, Legacy Cabinets found it could significantly reduce its corrugated cardboard spend and free up warehouse space. Instead of having to manage several hundred different box sizes, Legacy Cabinet’s inventory now consists of five different sizes of z-Fold®. Legacy Cabinets now has more warehouse space, less corrugated scrap, and a streamlined purchasing process with On Demand Packaging®.

What other benefits come with On Demand Packaging®?

Significantly lowered corrugated scrap rate

Reduced inventory from 500 box sizes to five sizes of z-Fold®

Eliminated box obsolescence and improved purchasing

“With Packsize, it’s much easier, saves time, and inventory management is now much improved.”

Joe Grogan, Executive Vice President of Purchasing

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