LOEWE Packages and Ships Goods for the Lufthansa WorldShop

The Problem at Hand: Innovation and Productivity in the Packaging Process

The logistics market is subject to constant change, which means that logistics service providers have to keep improving their processes to survive in this competitive environment. LOEWE Logistics & Care is therefore always in touch with potential partners and follows the development of new technologies. This is also how the company made contact with Packsize, who followed this up with a visit to LOEWE’s premises. This ultimately resulted in the Packsize packaging system being recommended for LOEWE’s client, Lufthansa, for whom LOEWE dispatches WorldShop articles (Miles & More). At the end of 2015, after the initial visit, Vanessa Peter, Logistics Project Manager for LOEWE in Herford, took on the task of finding a suitable concept and carrying out a feasibility study.

Project Goals

1. Volume reduction for the shipping packages
2. Reduction of standard boxes to a quantity of zero
3. Optimization of the entire pick and pack process
4. Reduction in the use of corrugated cardboard—
environmental aspect!

The starting point was a one-year test, analysis and planning phase. Working together, in partnership, the business model was developed and optimized. The concept and implementation plan was presented to Lufthansa Miles & More in February 2017. The project was then approved and implementation of the system and processes in Herford began in the middle of July 2017.

Less corrugated

Volume reduction

Process optimization

“The whole process was very cooperative, deadlines were met, contacts were always available and able to help, and the hotline too always provided the answers we needed.”


Vanessa Peter – Logistics Project Manager LOEWE Logistics & Care GmbH

If you are interested to read the full Case Study, see below.