Pick the box, don’t let the box pick you

The Challenge: A towering inventory

“Packaging” used to be InterMetro (Metro) veteran John Skuchas’ “biggest nightmare.” Since their company needed large runs, pallet positions grew exponentially across the entire organization. Keeping all of Metro’s packaging inventory was literally becoming a towering situation.


The Solution: Replacing box inventory with boxes made on demand

InterMetro immediately understood the value in right-sizing the packaging it was were using. Since installing Packsize over a decade ago, Metro has taken full control of its packaging process and solved its inventory problems.

Adding a Packsize machine subtracts a lot of waste

95% reduction in purchasing pre-made boxes

80% gain in warehouse space

Flexibility to respond to customer demands on the spot.

“No capital investment was a dream come true for us. From day one, our experience with Packsize has been seamless…they make it very, very easy.”
John Skuchas, Director of Operations

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