Get packing!

A great article about Packsize solutions was published in the furniture journal September issue. Enjoy reading!

How many times have you ordered something through the post and it’s arrived with a crunched corner, or with the contents spilling out? When you finally get into it (and that can be a challenge in itself), the unnecessarily huge box in which it arrived is stuffed with enough void fill to overload your recyding bin. Why? Because the company that sent it to you hasn’t got the On Demand Packaging® solution some well-known forward-thinking companies like Ercol and have invested in. Their customers get to open packages that are individually made for each product, fit perfectly, protect completely and are 40% smaller.

Ercol is passionate about designing and creating stunning furniture that blends the latest technology with traditional craftsmanship. They like it to arrive in good condition, so until recently, that meant carrying an extensive box inventory (much of which still required time-consuming modification by the packing team), carton selection, and right-sizing the packaging or each item – a far less efficient process than desired, and not ideal in terms of presentation to the customer. In urgent need of a bespoke packaging System, Ercol turned to Packsize.

With Packsize, Ercol is now able to produce perfectly-sized bespoke packaging for its products. It’s seen a significant reduction in the need to carry corrugated cardboard stocks and freed up valuable warehouse space. Instead of having to manage many different box sizes, Ercol’s corrugated packaging inventory now consists of seven different sizes of z-Fold® corrugated board — and from that, the Packsize machine creates the perfect size to protect and pack whatever Ercol needs to box. Ercol is not the only one to have benefited from Packsize Solutions., a German eCommerce furniture Company, decided to simplify its packaging process and chose a software- based solution connected to its online configurator. The configurator allows online customers to design their own cabinets and sends the measurements of each cabinet to the Packsize machine. The Packsize machine creates a perfectly-sized box for home delivery – smooth and timesaving. On Demand Packaging® has also enabled Schrankwerk to get rid of corrugated cardboard void fillers and reduce both labour and transportation costs.

On Demand Packaging® is a sustainability concept that gives you the power to create a box in any size you need and at exactly the time you need it, in both production and distribution packing environments.