The Volvo Trucks Group integrates On Demand Packaging® in Lyon

Packsize: an innovative solution for the Volvo Trucks Group at the Distribution Center in Lyon

The Lyon Distribution Center has recently been equipped through the Volvo Trucks Group with a new Packsize machine to optimize the packaging process by producing customized cartons, adapted to the dimensions of each piece. This innovative machine combines quality, environment, savings and ergonomics.

Since its installation in June, the Packsize machine has reduced packaging quality problems by 50%, especially on large or fragile parts.

By changing from 32 packaging references to just 3 widths of width, the Packsize machine can generate savings on the cardboard estimated at 80k € per year.

“Packsize is the packaging solution we needed at DC Lyon. The feedback is more than positive and this encourages us to make more use of the capabilities of the machine. I am proud to have actively contributed to this project and I am even more so today, when I see the machine working” said Laurent Brunet, Packaging Manager DC Lyon.

Indeed, this machine has many other advantages, such as improved working conditions by being silent, to be environmentally friendly as 100% of cardboard waste is reused to stall the pieces in parcels and finally improve productivity because it only requires five minutes of maintenance a day, which the operators themselves carry out independently.

“Thanks to this facility, the Lyon Distribution Center can improve its quality, productivity and working conditions while contributing to the environment and sustainability dear to the Volvo Group” says Sébastien Magenties, Director of Lyon Central Distribution Center.